CGC1D1 Geography Summative

Canada: Creating a Sustainable Future 2017 

You have been chosen by a community to raise awareness among the population about a social/environmental issue occurring somewhere in Canada.  To do this you will need to effectively gather information on a topic and make recommendations for change.


Day 1:

A recent example of how asking good questions can lead to a research breakthrough can be found here.

You will begin research by asking closed questions about your topic.  You will use the database Canadian Points of View to answer these questions.

Day 2:

Now that you have the background information about your topic (closed questions), you will begin asking open questions.Continue using the database Canadian Points of View to gather evidence and specific examples to support your research.

  • Handout #2 -use this to ask open questions about your topic AND learn about Fact vs. Opinion

When using Canadian Points of View don’t forget to check the Source Type on the left hand toolbar and select Newspapers, Magazines, or Points of View.  See below.

source type

Day 3:

Once you have completed your research, think about the impact your topic has on the environment / community / economy, etc.  If your topic has a negative impact, what would you recommend to decrease its effect?  If your topic has a positive impact, what might you recommend to increase its influence?

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