CHC2P Website Evaluation 2017

Website Evaluation 2017-18
Mr. Hack

When doing research ensure all the information you get from websites are reliable.

What should you look for to make sure a website is reliable? How can you tell if the information you use is accurate?

Library Handout

Activity #1:Would you use these websites? Why or why not? (Provide evidence)

Activity #3With a partner, visit the website below to evaluate.

  • Is this website reliable for research on Canadian history? Why or why not?  Be specific and provide three reasons from the website evaluation table on your handout.
  1. The Canadian Encyclopedia


DAY 2 & 3 – Library Handout (Definition & Keywords)

Activity #1:  Defining your topic

  1. Locate background information on your topic using Canadian Encyclopedia. Provide a description and develop six keywords to assist in your research.

Activity #2: Using the skills from your first lesson in the library:

  1. Search the internet and locate ONE reliable website that you would use for research on your assigned topic about the 1930s

Activity #2: Short Answer Questions

  1. Using the website found, answer the questions that follow.


All About Explorers

Popcorn cell phone video 

Juno Beach Wikipedia