CHY4U Altwerger / Cheslo

Is the Western World Better Today? Assignment

As a group, you will work  to answer this question: is the Western World better today than in the past?

Using facts to support your response, and  following  the stages of the research process, develop a conclusion and present your finding to the class.

You will begin by focusing  your research and developing quality  questions using academic resources. Begin by browsing our on-line  e-books.

Remember, your presentation is only as good as the quality of resources you find!

E-books (usernames and passwords are in your school agenda).

  1. Infobase Databases and ebooks
  2. GALE Virtual Reference Library


Search for books and view streaming media using our school library catalogue 

Background information:

  1.    Britannica Online 

Recommended Databases:

  1. Global Issues in Context  
  2. Opposing View Points
  3. Humanities Full Text
  4. Explora

Need help with citations?

Save time, be an efficient researcher, use effective  Keywords to search our resources.