CHY4U – Great Figure, Event, or Idea Argumentative Research Essay


CHY4U – Argumentative Research Essay
Mr. Altwerger 2018

For this Argumentative Research Essay, you are asked to:

a. Develop a set of criteria that make a person or idea significant

b. Choose an historical figure, event or idea and argue their significance

c.  Provide historical evidence relevant to your figure, event, or idea to persuade the reader that your choice was truly “great”

d. Make a connection to today. How did the figure, even or idea contribute to Western Civilization?( Legacy left behind)

To assist you with this project, please use the following resources available from our list of databases:

  • List of Historical Figures
  • Biography in context
  • Britannica (primary sources)
  • History Reference Centre
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Infobase e-BOOKS
  • Humanities Full Text


Database Search Tips

  1. Use Boolean operators (AND/ OR/ NOT)
  2. Use a variety of search terms
  3. Limit search to academic/peer reviewed readings


Additional Resources: