ESL D Human Rights

ESL D UN Declaration of Human Rights 

Get the Google Slide Template here 

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Use the information on this page to help you with your ESLD Human Rights Summative Assignment. Find a news article related to t the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Use these links to find more information, examples and keywords on your section of the Declaration:

Your task:

  1. Find a newspaper article related to your Human Rights issue which tells a story about people affected by this issue (follow these tips when selecting a news article)
  2. Write down (record) the source (author, article title, newspaper name, date)
  3. Follow the steps for notetaking and use the graphic organizer to make point form notes.

Databases to find articles:

1. Use Keywords using

2.  Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on:

  • Canadian Points of View  (Agenda p25)


Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on:

  • Image Quest (UN/PW in Agenda p23)


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