ESLD – Child of Dandelion (Sacchetti 2019)

ESLD Child of Dandelion Research Project
Ms. Sacchetti (2019)

Goal: Over the next three days in the library, you will learn and research about different periods of discrimination, both in Canada and around the world. You will use reliable resources the library has to offer and the note-taker to record your information. See below for resources:

Class Topic List:

  • Indo-Pakistan War
  • Japanese Canadians in World War II (Internment)
  • Jews During the Holocaust
  • Black Africans in South Africa (Apartheid)
  • African-Americans and the Underground Railroad
  • Bosnian War
  • Armenain Genocide
  • Tamils in Sri Lanka
  • Cambodia Genocide
  • Darfur Genocide (Sudan)
  • Rohingya in Myanmar
  • Black Canadians during WWI  
  • Nanjing Massacre
Reliable Resources:

Tools to assist with a proper Works Cited: