ESLD Human Rights Summative 2019

                                                      ESLD Human Rights Summative 2019
human rights image

You have been invited to present on a universal human right. Your task is to find a newspaper article outlining a right that has been violated and develop solutions. Over the next few days in the library you will work towards the following:

  • choose a select a human right listed on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedom (get approved by your teacher)
  • locate one newspaper article which shares a story of a human right being violated or upheld using our Online Database
  • take point form notes on the 5 WH for the article using the Digital Notetaker
  • create a Google Slides Presentation (4-5 min)

Library presentation 

Library Handouts:

Databases to Find Articles:

1. Keywords to assist with the research process:

  • Think of synonyms and antonyms from the thesaurus
  • Use the list of keywords provided through the library

2.  Go to the Alphabetical List of Databases and click on:

Additional Resources: