ESLE Capital Punishment Summative 2017 (Pape)

ESLE Summative 2017 (Pape)
Capital Punishment: Argumentative Research Essay Outline

Over the ncbc-death-penaltyext several days in the library, you will research on capital punishment. Your goal is to complete an essay outline that includes subtopics with evidence either in favour of reinstating the capital punishment or not. The following handouts below can be used to assist you when researching on your topic.

Day 1 & :  Understanding the Topic & Pro/Con Organizer

For the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Click here

Day 3: Developing a Thesis & Find an Article from a Trusted Database

Day 4:  Create an Essay Outline with Supports

 Gathering Evidence: Use the databases listed below to find evidence to support your argument.

Click on the following:

Use tools listed below to assist with keyword development for your online database searching:

Note Taking & Essay Outline: Take research notes using the notetaker below.  These notes will automatically save to your Google Drive.

Create an outline using the blank essay outline below. You may wish to look at the sample essay outline for help.