FSF 1D Pays Français


Download a copy of the question sheet here.   Review your assignment. What are the requirements? How will you organize your information?

Locate a French speaking school here 

French Counrties

Things to remember:

  • Use Word Reference— Don`t use Google Translate
  • Use Bonpatron for grammar, vocabulary, spelling
  • Country flag must be in colour
  • Show where in Africa your country is located
  • Ensure you include memorable, interesting facts
  • Make sure your International School has french as the language of instruction



“Infographic of Côte d’Ivoire.” CultureGrams Online Edition, ProQuest, 2017,

Access the Library Pathfinder to assist you with navigating through reliable resources.

Explore CultureGrams, an online subscription resource that contains extensive information on all countries around the wold or  Britannica Online for background inforamtion.

Next, examine Encyclopedia Universalis or Universalis Junior two french language encyclopedia that will contain different information on your topic.

The CIA World Factbook also contains current and reliable information on all countries.

Remember to cite your sources! Use the Easybib ad-on from your Google-Drive  to help.

Find city attractions using Lonely Planet.

Suggested Infographic programs– Share digitally with your teacher

To help with MLA Citations use the following:


See below for a copy of our library lesson:

Library Presentation