Grade 9 Orientation 2019

Earl Haig SS Library Learning Commons

Orientation 2019


This page is part of an orientation activity for grade 9 students to complete through their English classes. It is designed to help students new to the school familiarize themselves with the physical and virtual spaces of our library.

 Before your class visits the library, please review this library orientation video:

Library Tour Podcasts:

Listen to each podcast listed below. As you listen to each podcast and explore the library’s physical space, record your answers on the library handout provided.

(Remember to pause your podcast frequently to give yourself enough time to record each answer).

Station 1:

Station 2:

Station 3:

Station 4:

Library Web Quest:

Station #7: Tell us a little bit about yourself!  Take the survey. 

Turn It In

What is a database?

How to print in the library:

How to use the library catalogue:

Why can’t I eat in the library?

2019 Slideshow