Pour les étudiants français

Ramasser un livre français:

Developing  your love of French literature:

It is often a challenge to select a novel that is a perfect fit. Below are a list of resources  and handouts that will provide guidance toward a novel selection, along with tips and strategies to follow when reading your novel. “Take Action while Reading” provides suggestions (tasks to complete) while you read that will better prepare you for your interview day.

FrenchNovel Selection:

Trying to decide on which book to read for your French IRP?

See below for a copy of the library pathfinder. The pathfinder is to assist you with your search for a good read. It includes a list of reliable databases and stores you can visit in order to find/purchase a novel.

Take Action while Reading!

See below for a list of handouts to help guide you while reading. These resources will assist you when preparing for your interview with your teacher.

If you still aren’t sure which book to read… visit the Earl Haig Library  and check out our French collection! You can also ask a teacher-librarian for their recommendations! Remember… don’t just select a book because of the artwork on the cover. Check out the summary on the back cover!

To find this page in future, type the course code or teacher’s name in the search bar.

Found at the top right on this site.

Found at the top right on this site.



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