HSP3U – A Social Concern 2017

Gr. 11 Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology (HSP3 U)  

2017 – HSP Handout

Recommended Resources (usernames/passwords in agenda)

Phase 1: Pre-Research and Annotated Reference List 

Additional Support:

Phase 2: Point-Counterpoint Graphic Organizer

  • Take notes on your digital notetaker in your Google Drive in preparation for the Point/Counterpoint Organizer
    • support subtopics with factual evidence from your research (e.g., statistics, case studies, expert quotations and professional opinions).
  • Point/Counterpoint Organizer -make a copy of this to your Google Drive and complete in preparation for Phase 2
  • Point/Counterpoint Organizer EXAMPLE -use this to help guide you as you complete Phase 3

Additional Support: