CHA3U: Mr. Dodds

A. Google Slides

  • Open the Google Slides document US History Slides Template
  • Team Captain: File > Make a copy
  • Team Captain: Share with group members and Mr. Dodds (

B. Google Forms

1. Team Captain:

  • Create a Google Form (similar to this format here)
  • On your Google Drive (top right, click the 9 boxed grid) > Find Forms
  • Click Go to Forms 
  • Click Blank Form
  • Title Form
  • Create multiple choice questions with options that satisfy all sides of the issue
  • Click Required

2. Team Captain will share with group members: Send > Add collaborators

3. Add this URL to your last slide (will be posted to the class so everyone can respond)

  • Click Send > click link button > click shorten URL > copy + paste the link onto the last slide