Research Stage 4: Create

Creating an effective handout 

Stages of the Research Process

Stage 1: ExploringStage 2: Investigate Stage 3: Processing > Stage 4: Creating

greenguide-icon Review the Research Guide for more details.

These tools will help you find information.  For subject-specific materials, browse through the Subjects Top Menu

databases-icon Alphabetical List of Databases

Stage 4: Creating – Assessment for Learning

Assessment as Learning – Checklist 50
Editing the First Draft – Checklist 51
Documentation 52
Formatting the Title Page 53
MLA: Sample Essay Page and Works Cited 54
APA: Sample Essay Page and Reference List 55
Parenthetical Citations and Footnotes 56
Annotations and Abstracts 57
Persuasive Oral Presentations 58
Images and Copyright 59
Multimedia Formats: Planning and Presenting 60
Presenting Information Visually: Charts and Graphs 62
Final Reflection about Research 64
Group Effectiveness Appraisal 65
Assessment: Stage 4 Research – Assessment as
Learning, Assessment of Learning 66
Works Consulted 67
A Comparison of MLA and APA Documentation 68
MLA: Works Cited 69
APA: Reference List 75

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