Presentations and Images

The Green Research Guide has some great advice on making a presentation.

  • see p.14 of your EHSS planner for the password into the PDF file.
  • Skip to p.60 in PDF or 62 in the print copy


ImageQuest thumbnail(1) Use Image Quest, our repository of cited images (Right panel, List of Databases, Image Quest)

Image 1

Image 1

When asked to find images for a project, it is important to observe Copyright laws.

Publicly available material on the Internet: The Bill allows teachers and students to use publicly available material that has been legitimately posted for free use on the Internet by copyright owners for the purposes of teaching and education. For example, a teacher could make handouts that include an illustration from a website that is freely accessible.” (“Balanced Copyright”, Industry Canada and Canadian Hertiage).



Be sure to use (see right panel) – consider registering for an account to keep track of your projects.

►  Select all 59 options tab >> Digital Image  – or click here.



  • The library recommends using Image Quest (UN/PW in agenda p23) since it has powerful Citation tools and links images with tags called keywords (click “More Information” inside image)
  • TDSB Virtual Library images: particularly Creative commons,




Comic Life – Be sure to use 1.3.6 which is the one installed at school.


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