Research–Stage 2: Investigate

Stages of the Research Process

Stage 1: ExploringStage 2: Investigate > Stage 3: Processing > Stage 4: Creating

greenguide-icon Review the Research Guide for more details.

These tools will help you find information.  For subject-specific materials, browse through the Subjects Top Menu

databases-icon Alphabetical List of Databases

1.  Try using sites like NYPL (Search > Topics (left), Show More) and TPL to gather good subject keywords, (related synonyms, topics, subtopics, places, names, dates, people) to plug into databases later.

2.  Try starting General and move to specific research.  Our best General Reference resources are Britannica Online, GALE Virtual Reference, and InfoBase E-books.  Find them from the List of Databases linked above.  Use your keywords and Boolean searching to narrow and economize your search.

3.  Once you have combed through the general reference, start looking at the more specific databases where you’ll find articles from media and academic/scholarly sources more closely linked to your topic.
Use your keywords and Boolean searching to narrow and economize your search.

Stage 2: Investigating – Assessment for Learning,

Assessment as Learning – Checklist 17
Locating Sources of Information – Checklist 18
Selecting Web-Based Resources: TDSB Virtual
Library Key Links 19
Effective Online Searching Strategies 20
Scanning Texts 22
Skimming Texts 23
Selecting Resources: Designing the Plan 24
Selecting Information 25
Record of Sources 26
Human Resources – Tapping into the
Knowledge and Expertise of People 27
Conference Notes 28
Assessment: Stage 2 Research – Assessment as
Learning, Assessment of Learning 29

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