Research Stage 3: Process/Think

Stages of the Research Process

Stage 1: ExploringStage 2: Investigate > Stage 3: Processing > Stage 4: Creating

greenguide-icon Review the Research Guide for more details.

These tools will help you find information.  For subject-specific materials, browse through the Subjects Top Menu

databases-icon Alphabetical List of Databases

Stage 3: Processing – Assessment for Learning

Assessment as Learning – Checklist 30
Evaluating Information Sources 31
Checklist for Evaluating a Website 32
Be Honest: Don’t Plagiarize 33
Note-Making Techniques 34

Note Making: Generic 35

Note Making: Reference Sources 36
Note Making: Sample Sheet 37
Note Making: Book Source 38
Note Making: Digital Sources 39
Note Making: Print Periodical and Media Sources 40
Note Making with Subtopics 41
Visual Organizers to Process Information 42
Forming a Focus Statement or Thesis Statement 44
Report Outline 45
Crafting a Thesis Statement 46
Criteria for a Strong Thesis 47
Essay Outline 48

Assessment: Stage 3 Research – Assessment as
Learning, Assessment of Learning 49

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