SBI3C Disorders of the Human Body (Zalai 2019)

SBI3C1: Disorders of the Human Body 2019
Ms. Zalai

Your goal is to create a storybook educating a child in grade 4 about the disorder of focus.  Your summative is worth 10% of your final mark.


  1. Select a disorder that affects the human body.
  2. Research information on this disorder and take point form notes using the digital notetaker provided.
  3. Write a storybook for a child in grade 4 to tell them about the disease; the storybook must have a cover page and be at least 6 pages long
  4. You must hand in your research notes, the rough copy of your story and a bibliography in APA format.

To complete this activity you will use the following resources for online research:

To complete your  research, track your sources, and present your findings, you will use the following: