SNC1L Space Exploration 2017 (Tsopelas)

Space Travel

Image Quest

Congratulations! You have just been hired to work for The Space Tourism Company to create a promotional poster for one of their vacation packages. Your poster will be displayed in subway stations, travel agent offices, and
on huge billboards by major highways. Many space travel vacation packages are available for clients to purchase. There are options to travel to: Your task is to create a Travel Poster for possible space travelers!

Click any of the blue links and they will take you to the document/website!

Day 1: Use the following to find background information on your topic.  (usernames/passwords in your agenda pp.19-20)

Day 2:

1. Use these keywords and the websites below to find more specific information about your topic. Encyclopedia has citation tools to help you cite your information!


  1. National Geographic: Solar System 
  2. Windows to the Universe 
  3. eSky: The Electronic Sky
  4. Smithsonian: National Air and Space Museum
  5. NASA

2. Images: Use ImageQuest to get images for your pamphlet. Remember to cite your images (use citation tool).


  • If you are using a website other than one of our databases, you need to cite your information. Use Citation Machine to create your APA reference!
  • Encyclopedia has citation tools to help you cite your information!

Day 3 & 4:

FINAL Product: Creating Your Travel  Poster