SNC2D Climate Change 2017-18

SNC2D1 Climate Change Assignment 2017-18

Digital Notetaker and Pathfinder (to be copied to your TDSB Google Drive)

Your five-minute presentation will focus on the following questions:

  • What is happening? (explain, with relevant scientific terminology) – 1 minute
  • Why is it happening? (explain the scientific causes) – 1 minute
  • How is human activity contributing to and/or addressing the issue? (relate to social/economic conditions, and technology) – 2-3 minutes

When researching for your topic, begin by using our suggested resources on the Library handout (pathfinder) through our reputable List of Databases.

Passwords and Usernames are in your agenda or ask  for a copy at the circulation desk.


Day 1 & 2 in the Library:
Over the next two days in the library, you will work with your partner to research a topic related to climate change. Please see below for a copy of your project and rubric:
Climate Change Project
Climate Change Rubric

SNC2D8 Climate Change Project


See below for a list of resources you will use while in the library:

Research Tips:

If you missed one of your classes in the library, please refer to the library presentation below for further guidance.

APA format tips