Academic Honesty Workshops 2014-15

Research Stage #2:  Investigate

..#1. How much do you know about when to cite? Take the Survey

#2.  Try an interactive quiz.
Click here
for a very quick test to see what you do or don’t know about plagiarism.

#3. The Library Research Guide online. Follow these steps to get to the green research guide online:

>>Click on Green Student Research Guide
>>See p14 of your agenda for password
greenguide-iconIn the electronic PDF, check out these sections:
☺ p56/82: Sample MLA format
☺ p71+/82: MLA vs. APA formats and how to format Works Cited page
☺ p76/82:  MLA Works Cited entry for Website (e.g., online essay from a database)
☺ p75/82:  MLA Works Cited entry for Electronic Periodical (e.g., online essay from a database)
#4.  Try matching the embedded citation to the Works Cited page in the handout : click here for Essay sample with citations handout
For ENG3U/4U (semestered) only click here.
Quiz yourself on

Paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism

  • putting a passage into your own words
  • must be attributed to the original source (before you take notes, write down author and source information)
  • usually shorter than the original passage
  • always CITE (put source information) ideas you have paraphrased from an original source


Links to explore on your own:

Examples of plagiarism in one form or another.Research the most recent forms of plagiarism.

Antiplagiarism Strategies:



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