Dance – Phillips – ATM1OP

png_base64f0ee7af8913f462Day 1: (in the library)

You will work independently to research a topic related to Sexuality. Please refer to the assignment sheet below for expectations and a topic list:

The resources you will use for today are:


Please see the following handout for a copy of your homework instructions. This must be completed before arriving on day 2.


Day 2: (in the library)

You will work independently gathering information about your topic for the page you will create for the Healthy Living at Haig Magazine.

Record all information using the Pathfinder and Note-taker Worksheet. Be sure to make a copy of this in your Google Drive. After clicking on the link below, sign in on the top right-hand side using your student number and password. Once signed in, click file and make a copy.


Day 3: (in the library)

Create your magazine page.  Be sure to check the MUST HAVES to make sure your magazine page has everything it needs.

Use Image Quest to find images related to your topic.  Don’t forget to cite these photographs also.

Optional: Use Microsoft Publisher templates when designing your Magazine page.


If you are asked to submit to the “Student Share” folder, there are two ways to do so.  Check out our Research tab at the top and select “AW Drop off folder“.


Gr. 9 Modern Dance – Majors


Gr. 9 Jury Test Template Chart




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