ENG3U Lue Summative Assignment

This page is designed for Ms. Lue’s Gr. 11 English students preparing for a debate.  On the first of two Library workshops, we introduce the range of note-taking strategies and digital tools to help keep research notes organized and purposefully arranged; collaborate brainstorming of keywords are used to prepare for deeper research.

PART 1: Note Taking 

Digital Note Taking Tools: 


Keyword Activity

Brainstorm initial research on the following Google Spreadsheets to prepare for deeper research.

#1.  Log in to your TDSB Google Drive (from home, log in using your student number and network password).

#2.  Click on your class below, add your name in the first column and keywords under your topic heading to the right of your name, in your row.  (If you are unable to edit, click on share and request access through your @student.tdsb account).  Try the TPL website to help.



On the second day, we use our topic-related keywords to explore our subjects further in the electronic resources such as the ebook collections.

Click on List of Databases on the right panel and look for the following resources (listed in alphabetical order).

Get context for your topic using:

  • GALE Virtual Reference Library e-books
Deepen your research here:
► Use your keywords brainstormed above.
  • Britannica Online
  • Eduref (Infobase) e-books (comprehensive reference and specialty material for all topics
  • GALE/TDSB Virtual Reference Library e-books
  • Canadian Reference Centre
  • SIRS Knowledge Source
  • Other EBSCO products (Canadian Points of View, Student Research Centre)



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