ESLC – Famous Canadians January 2015

#1.  Select your famous Canadian from our list here.

#2.  Use this Questioning sheet to develop questions about that person.

  • Q chart (aim for more OPEN, complex questions)




ESL C Famous Canadian (pre-2014)


Note-taking Sheet

 Storyboard sample


Storyboard outline 
List of TOPICS – ◙ESLC-InventorsSIGNUP

ASSIGNMENT – ◙ESLC Inventions assignment (2012)

QUESTION NOTE SHEET – ◙Inventors- Question Note Sheet
Question Matrix

KEEP A LIST of your SOURCES with this – ◙ESLC-Inventor Log of Sources

LIST OF ELECTRONIC resources: where to find information on inventors and inventions ◙ESL-C-Electronic_resources

LIST OF BOOKS in Library – ◙12ESLC-InventorsBks


Sample Powerpoint files:

ESLC – Presentation Evaluation Rubric.

PowerPoint Storyboard







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