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Eric Walters –  Run Presentation

imagequest-citation         ..

  • Drag and drop your presentation in drop off box:   Desktop >  EarlHaigSS > 0430-Drop-Off > Ms. Savicki > *drag and drop into [ESL B Culminating Projects] twice (to make sure)
  • Access your H: drive from home through




Lo Re


  • first use books on your topic (record the source on your log Book (Print)).
  • See right panel for List of Databases link and use your agenda (page 22) to search your topic:
  • World Book
  • Britannica Online > Middle Sch./Elementary


** Submit your PowerPoint file to the Dropoff folder
#1.  At school on the desktop, click the Earl Haig Students icon
#2.   In a separate window, click 0430 Dropoff > Ms. Lo Re  
> You should see the ESLB folder.  Keep this window open
#3.  In a new window (Windows Key + E), open the folder where you saved your powerpoint file.  Drag and drop your powerpoint file into the folder “ESLB Summative”
dropoff04-school share

Tips on Powerpoint

  • See our Presentation tips on the right panel under Research Help
  • Use IMAGE QUEST from our list of databases to use in your presentation (username/password in agenda

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