MDM4U Data Management pre-2014

MDM4U – Data Management Culminating Activity 

In this assignment you will analyze  the relationship between two variables. You will perform a series of statistical calculations to test the relationship and draw  conclusions.

MDM4U Library Handout 2013

Suggested Websites:

World Bank

World Health Organization (WHO)

Data Visualizer 

Question to consider when evaluating sources can be found here.

Watch Hans Rosling bring stats to life.  He demonstrates the correlation between life expectancy and income:

To begin watch this TED TALK: Hans Rosling: Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen. 

Want to see more?

Additional Data Sources:
Sports Industry Webpages: consult individual league websites (ex.,, etc.)

Reflecting on your Research 

Click here for an electronic copy of the handout for your reflection.

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