test Database

 Biography in Context Biography in Context    (GALE) Famous people, all subjects
 ebmsresearcherpaneicon96x96 Britannica Online All subjects – 3 levels
 CareerCruising1 Career Cruising Careers
 1385342_10151981388859553_34187132_t Canadian Encyclopedia Information about Canada written from a Canadian perspective, all subjects.
 canlitcentre Canadian Literary Centre English, Drama, Canadian focus
 povcan_logo Canadian Points of View Current issues, Canadian focus
 cdn_refer Canadian Reference Centre Current topics, Canadian focus
 EasyBib app logo small Easybib.com Citation tool for MLA, APA
eduref EduRef e-Books (Infobase e-books) E-books all subjects
 universalis Encyclopedia Universalis French
 InterfaceLogos English Language Learner Articles on range of topics for English language learners (formerly ESL).
 396645_292471860864331_78753073_t ESTAT (Statistics Canada) Canadian statistics/reports
 lg_Follettshelf FollettShelf ebook All subjects
 gale GALE – all databases (Power Search) magazines and journal articles, all subjects
 gale_virtual GALE/TDSB Virtual Reference Library – e-books >> see Eduref e-books ebooks (encyclopedias)
 globalissues Global Issues in Context World issues, politics
 icon_grolier Grolier Encyclopedia All subjects
 grove-oxford-art Grove Art (Oxford Art online) Art, Music
 grove-music Grove Music Art, Music
 history_ref History Reference Centre History
 ImageQuest thumbnail(1) Image Quest Image Library (UN/PW such as Britannica Online)
 jstor Jstor  * Requires Toronto Public Library card to access. Need one? fill out this form
 learn-360 Learn 360 Video clips, all subjects
 Literary Reference Center Literary Reference Centre  (EBSCO) English, Drama
 naxos-music Naxos Music Music, English, Drama, Spoken Word
 newspaper-source_plus Newspaper Source Plus All Subjects
 noodletools NoodleTools Notemaking tool, citation guide
 novelist NoveList English, D.E.A.R.
 info OEN For myblueprint.ca
 oerb OERB All subjects – lessons, tutorials
 opposing_viewpoints Opposing View Points Current issues, all subjects
 oxford_art_online Oxford Art Online Searchable online art resources
 oxford_word_origins Oxford Word Origins English, Social Science
 oxford_reference_online_icon Oxford Reference Centre All subjects –e-books
 sci_ref Science Reference Centre Science, health, geography
 sirs_reseracher SIRS Researcher All subjects, all levels
 Student Research Center Student Research Centre All subjects, all levels
  teenhealth  Teen Health & Wellness Health, SAP, teen issues
 world-book-encyclopedia World Book Encyclopedia All subjects

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