ENG3U Academic Workshop / Oryx & Crake Research Assignment

ENG3U Academic Workshop / Oryx & Crake Research Assignment

This page is designed to help Gr. 11 students research  topics related to themes in  Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

  • Having trouble understanding the details in Oryx and Crake? Try this video for a quick overview

Use this list of subscription database to get relevant academic articles. All username and passwords can be found in your school agenda. Be sure to limit your search to quality articles;  short newspaper, encyclopedia and website articles  may not be appropriate t for this assignment.

Begin by getting familiar with Atwood and her writing. Catch up on her biography and learn more about the themes she writes about in Biography in Context  

Think about getting background information about your specific topic. We suggest you begin by exploring Encyclopedia Britannica 

Subscription resources that will help with an understanding of Atwood and her themes

Resources that will help with understanding  specific world issues

  1. Global Issues in Context
  2. Explora Canada  –>Use Atwood as an author to locate primary material
  3. Opposing Viewpoints
  4. Science Reference Centre
  5.  Humanities Full Text

Be sure to check out Margret Atwood on Twitter and Youtube 

Easy Bib Add on for Google Docs

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